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Healthy Pet TeethWhen is the last time you brushed your pet’s teeth?  Generally, the thought never enters your mind, right?  If you have noticed “doggie-breath” or an unusually foul odor coming from the mouth of your canine or feline friend, it may be time for a dental cleaning.

During your pet’s examination we may point out tarter building or discover an abscess that has formed.   Our pals that haven’t brushed in the last few years or so may have so much tarter built up that the bacteria can cause an infection and teeth may have to be extracted.

At Sarno Animal Hospital, dental cleanings may be performed weekdays, except on Wednesdays.  We ask that you fast your pet the night before this procedure.  Your pet will be given a preanesthetic drug to ease the sedation and help prevent anesthetic complications.  We ask owners to drop off the patient between 8 and 8:30am.  Your dog or can must be current on their vaccinations and checked for worms prior to or upon arrival to the hospital.  The teeth are cleaned with an ultrasonic scaling device similar to what your own dentist uses.  In addition, at this time, infected teeth will be extracted.  An antibiotic injection is administered to prevent post-op infection.

The doctor will discharge your pet that afternoon between 5 and 5:30pm, after the final examination.  When you arrive at your scheduled pick-up time, the doctor or technician will explain your home care instructions and discuss methods of preventing tarter buildup in the future.  If extractions were done, oral antibiotics will be recommended for the prevention of infection and vitamins for rapid tissue growth.  The doctor may also prescribe analgesics for pain.

Routine physical examinations are recommended at least once a year for your pet.  The veterinarian can find changes or problems that can be overlooked by owners.  Teeth are no exception.